17 October 2008

let's turn two, part three

on his 1989 score card (above), dave anderson is shown throwing the ball to first as mark grace slides in to second. it's the double play turn - one of my favorite plays in all of baseball. score must like the way anderson turns it, because the very next year, on his 1990 score card (below), there's he is again, firing the ball to first as he avoids the slide of the lead runner. at least score used different games and plays.not sure if the same holds true for the next group of cards. i posted orlando cabrera's 2002 topps total card (below) in the second installment of 'let's turn two'. orlando is at dodger stadium, mid-air, having already made the throw to first.

here is his 2002 fleer premium card. anything seem familiar? the picture is taken from a slightly different angle, but it is the same play. cropped a bit strangely, but still a nice card.
topps goes to the same well again on his 2002 gold label card. it's a bit later in the play, as orlando is coming back to earth. i will assume that all other pictures of orlando that were considered for his 2002 issues showed him picking his nose or adjusting his cup.

then there is bret boone shown on his 2002 topps stadium club card as pudge rodriguez slides into second.and here is his 2002 fleer ultra (below), also taken at arlington with pudge rodriguez sliding in, cleats high. looks like it could be the same play.
so what's my point? i don't really have one. i like these cards despite the repetition.

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