21 October 2008

there's a play at the plate!

i came across these cards while going through some 90’s stuff. i really enjoy the continuation aspect that the gaetti card brings to the play. i wish there were more cards like these – just imagine if other notable home plate plays or collisions had been captured this way – aj pierzynski/michael barrett, gary carter/brian downing, mike scioscia/jack clark, jeremy giambi/jorge posada, and, of course, pete rose/ray fosse.

if topps did a card like this today, it would be one of their ‘classic combination’ cards which just means these two players were photographed in close proximity of each other during a game.


--David said...

That is very cool! I'm not sure i would have been able to put one-and-one together... :-) Nice find!

tastelikedirt said...

Good eye! I think I might have flipped right thru those a million times and not noticed.