20 October 2008

mauer pauer

i haven't posted about the other team i collect - the twins. actually, i would say i semi-collect them. i moved to minny about 11 years ago. i laughed the first time i entered the metrodome to see a game - it seemed so fake and plastic. anyway, the twins are the easiest way for me to see games, although i do try to road trip once or twice a year.

joe mauer is the local boy done good - he's from saint paul and is the most popular twin locally, in my opinion. here, on his 2006 upper deck card, he revels in the dirt at home plate in dodger stadium during the twins first chavez ravine appearance since the 1965 world series.

i went to every game of the dodgers' series with the twins in 2006. mauer destroyed us, posting 5-rbi in one game and 5 hits in another. i couldn't help but applaud.

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