18 October 2008

blogosphere participation, part one

way before i even thought about doing this, i read a few card blogs fairly regularly. i enjoyed reading about other people's opinions regarding cards since all of my card collecting pals have moved on.

i traded with ben henry a couple of times and began to feel the joy of trading again. i arranged a trade with william at budget sports card collector, and then participated in a 2005 playoff absolute box break with gellman at sportscards uncensored. as luck would have it, one of the 4 teams i drew was the dodgers! here are the two cards i received as a result - johnny podres and a shawn green/rickey henderson team tandems bat card. good times.

but it was jim at taste like dirt that really got me going. his passion for the a's was obvious, and i realized i could pull some cards from his want list, along with some a's, and help him towards completing a set or two. i sent him a bunch of cards blindly, and he soon reciprocated. thanks jim. so, as they say in philly, why can't us?

i have a couple of other trades in the works, and i can't wait to do more. my want/need list is linked to the right, so let me know if you need a certain team, player or set and let's trade!


tastelikedirt said...

Yes, thanks a lot with the help on the 2008 Upper Deck set. As well as some awesome A's cards. Awesome site here and a good trader. Thanks again.

--David said...

Trick or Treat! :-) Ya got more 'boys in blue' comin your way soon!