14 October 2008

we have met the enemy...

the dodgers lost shane victorino to the rule v draft not once, but twice. the second time, he stuck, which has turned out to be unfortunate for the dodgers. although he has a batting average and matching obp below the mendoza line, victorino has made a good catch and some big hits in the series so far.

here he is on his 2003 topps traded card.

 this is after the padres sent him back to the dodgers, having appeared in a few games for the friars. he never did play for the dodgers, though. maybe he holds a grudge.

jayson werth is different. he played for the dodgers after being traded by toronto for jason frasor. in fact, jayson had a good nlds for the blue in 2004 with 2 home runs.

perhaps the most prominent of jim tracy's "three ja(y)sons" - repko and grabowski being the others - werth benefited from injuries to milton bradley and jd drew in 2005. no such luck in 2006 as werth was injured for the entire season, after which he was granted free agency and signed with the phillies.

here he is on his 2006 topps card, head down and goatee in place.

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