20 January 2015

where in the world is my wallet card? - twin cities edition

i was in downtown minneapolis for work recently, and my wallet card wanted to check out target field. we went down on to the plaza that leads to gate 34, and kirby puckett's statue took wallet card for a spin around the bases.
not to be outdone, harmon killebrew's statue gave wallet card a chance to hang out on its bat
here's wallet card - a roughed up 1974 topps steve garvey card - in the skyway with target field in the background.
did you know that the garv was drafted by the twins in 1966, but did not sign? he chose to go to michigan state instead.  two years later, garvey was drafted by the dodgers, and the rest is history.  garvey did play one major league game in the twin cities, however - the 1985 all-star game.  that midsummer classic was held at the hubert h. humphrey metrodome, which no longer exists.  i took wallet card by the site where the homerdome once stood, and where garvey participated in the first all-star game home run derby.
today, it's the new minnesota vikings stadium that is under construction at the site.

i hope to get wallet card to a few more stadiums this year, including one that garvey actually played in.  stay tuned.

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