14 January 2015

this is no time for jersey swatch measuring

i am well aware that the size of relic pieces embedded in cards, be they jerseys, pants, or bat chips, vary from set to set.  most recently, topps museum collection cards have featured pretty big pieces of bats.  i did find it interesting, however, that the three relics i received in the mail from matthew at bob walk the plank recently featured jersey swatches that got smaller with the newer releases. 

here's a 2002 upper deck sweet spot jersey swatch of kaz ishii
that's a good sized swatch, and a decent design.

in 2005, ishii was still getting relic cards produced, including this 2005 donruss leather & lumber card
but the piece of jersey is smaller.  gotta conserve that fabric for future releases back in japan, i guess.

moving on to 2008, upper deck gave us a tiny piece of fabric on this 2008 ud baseball heroes brad penny light blue parallel relic card
even though it would appear that penny's uniform is comprised of a large amount of fabric.

i'm not concerned about the size of the swatch; i just found it interesting that one might have assumed from this package that relic sizes over time have gone the opposite way of the regular sized soft drink at your local fast food joint.

there was a fourth card in the package, and it was the star.  it wasn't really a relic card - it was this 2007 upper deck sweet spot classic steve garvey 'bat' auto
the best thing about this card is not the garv or the dodger stadium background, it's that the auto won't fade since it's on a wood chip. i've got one in the garvey collection, but this will look nice in the dodger binder next to the don sutton auto.  i could use another one for the dodger stadium collection, too, but i don't want to be considered a hoarder.  would 3 be hoarding?

thanks for another great trade, matthew! i'm sure we'll swap again soon!


Matthew Scott said...

Glad you liked the Garvey! I actually just put something in the mail for you again!

MrMopar said...

nothing wrong with hoarding!