07 January 2015

more autograph successes to celebrate

one of the last ttm requests i sent out in 2014 was to former dodger pitcher greg shanahan.  he was featured on a 4-player rookie card in the 1974 topps set, and so i asked him to sign one of my doubles.  he obliged in quick fashion.
i appreciate him staring down the giant pitcher on the card, and i appreciate him signing for me, too.

a few months earlier, i received a return of my 2004 topps dave roberts card signed by the former dodger and current padres bench coach
and, a couple of years before that, i received a return of my 2008 topps allen & ginter james loney card from the former dodger first baseman
i hadn't bothered to show this before because i have another one just like it that reader cory got signed for me at spring training that same year.

i've been holding on to this next one for even longer - i'd say 6 years or so.  it's a royals' team issue print, as far as i can figure, signed by former manager whitey herzog
herzog has a couple of my 1978 topps cards that i don't expect to see back since he signs for a fee - something i didn't realize when i sent the cards to him.  this autograph was given to me by a coworker who attended a work related conference at which herzog was signing.  i've attended the same annual conference in the past, and picked up autographs from ron santo and kent hrbek in the process, but i missed this particular one in kc.  my coworker/friend folded the sheet to more easily carry it around in his coat pocket, but i don't mind - it's the thought that counts.

finally, here is a 1990 topps card signed by alejandro pena
alas, this card was part of a lot of signed cards that i purchased a few years ago.  still, i am happy to have it in the collection.

thanks, as always, to those who take the time to sign cards for us collectors!

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Matthew R said...

Riccelli and Shanahan are not only rivals on the field, they're rivals with the sideburns!