08 January 2015

autographed cards from the garvey oddball binder

today i'm showing the last pages, which are actually the first pages, of my steve garvey oddball binder.  these cards are non-certified autos of the garv - obtained either through the mail or by trade or purchase.    have a look.
maybe i should try to finish out the topps flagship dodger run and get a 1971, 1972, and 1975 card signed.

a couple of curiosities there - the back of the 1981 permagraphic card was signed much to my surprise. i bought that card online and the description did not mention any autograph.  even though there was a space for an autograph on the backs of those cards, i doubt very many were signed there.  also, the 2004 upper deck legends relic card on the last sheet is signed by the entire infield on the inside.

it's taken longer than i expected to get through the oddball binder, but i still plan to show the contents of my other two garvey binders.  get ready...

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