12 January 2015

perhaps a black armband for charles stoneham?

i first posted this 1990 target dodgers 100th anniversary giveaway card of hank deberry in one of the sunday morning target dodgers posts.
deberry is obviously not wearing a dodger uniform, although he played for them from 1922 to 1930.  no, he is wearing a new york giants' uniform instead.  deberry joined the giants, you see, as a coach beginning in 1934 which was the same year that the team wore a black armband in honor of former manager john mcgraw.  however, i believe that the photo of deberry comes from 1936, when they wore  a black armband for team owner charles stoneham.

stoneham died in january of 1936 at the age of 59.   stoneham was a gambler, and was reported to have won the giants in a poker game with their previous owner harry hempstead.  however he obtained the team, stoneham had owned the giants since 1919, and the team won three world series during his ownership.

as for deberry and the armband, if this photo were in color, we would know for sure whether it is from 1934 or 1936.  the 1936 uniforms had blue accents, while the 1934 uniforms featured the more traditional orange - you can take a look at mel ott's uniforms and see for yourself.  i am pretty much basing my assertion that deberry is sporting the stoneham armband on the spacing of the 'y' in 'york' from the edge of the left half of the jersey.  in 1934, the 'y' was closer to the edge, inside the piping.  here's the link to the bill terry card that represents the john mcgraw armband for reference.  maybe i'm just seeing what i want to see, but that's my story and i'm sticking to it.

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