08 January 2015

my wallet card - same as it ever was

thanks to gavin at baseball card breakdown for initiating the call for wallet cards!  i used to carry a 1974 topps steve garvey card in my wallet, beginning in the mid-1990's.  i finally stopped about 10 years ago, and retired the worn card.

well, now it's back!
i had thought that i had sent the card to steve garvey himself a couple of years ago to sign, but i must have sent a different copy of the card.  i know this one by its green print dots and tell-tale scuffing.

some of you may wonder why i did not use a 1978 topps garvey card (my favorite card of all-time) instead, and that would be a good question to ask.  i don't know why i went with this card back then.  it, too, is a classic garvey card due to the horizontal design, the blurry spectators, and the fact that it comes from his mvp season.  no matter the reason, 1974 topps garvey is (like george costanza) back, baby!  he'll help make sure my wallet doesn't look like costanza's, however.

get ready to see the garv out and about - he's got the wanderlust...

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defgav said...

Glad I could coerce Wallet Garvey out of retirement!