23 January 2015

i forgot the 5th infielder!

earlier today i posted four cards that i received from matthew at bob walk the plank - each a dodger infielder (or in the case of dee gordon and hanley ramirez, former dodger infielders).  i must admit that i forgot that there was a fifth card in the trade package, one that featured another infielder - just not a dodger.  it was this 2014 topps 1976 topps tito fuentes 75th anniversary buyback
i had asked for tito due to the double play turning second baseman that topps used back in '76.  i put a 1976 topps davey lopes card in my double play collection when i first began assembling it, and i recently decided to add all of the second basemen from 1976 topps.  now i just need to figure out which ones i have in my doubles box and go from there since i won't be breaking up my set for these guys.  i suppose i need to look through the fan favorites sets for this design, too...

thanks again matthew!

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Matthew Scott said...

Glad you liked the card