31 January 2015

now i'm caught up with this trade

i decided to show a few more great cards that came my way from jared at catching up with collecting (i posted a bunch of them earlier this morning, or at least i scheduled a post for earlier today).

this is a 2010 topps update 2003 topps design pee wee reese vintage legends
it shows pee wee in a staged double play turn, with jackie robinson in the background and another brooklyn dodger filling in as the base runner. i appreciate the blue border that topps used in 2003 that makes all of the dodger cards look better, and i acknowledge the fact that topps used the correct team logo from the period.  it's a nice looking card - much better than the 1993 design reese vintage legend insert topps put out that same year.

the sliding player looks like he's wearing number 8, which would make it either don lund or george shuba if this photo were taken from 1948 (assuming another player didn't wear the number in spring training), shuba if it came from 1949-1950, or cal abrams if it were from the time in 1950 that shuba wasn't around and he took number 8.  i only looked at those seasons because jackie didn't start playing second base until 1948, there were no dodger players who wore number 8 in 1951 according to baseball-reference, and the dodgers added the red number to their uniforms in 1952.  no matter who it is, the existence of the sliding player puts this card firmly in my double play binder.

that means that this next card, or at least a duplicate copy of it, also belongs in the double play binder, and i'm glad jared sent one to me.  it's a 2011 topps pee wee reese kimball champions mini insert
lund/shuba/abrams has been removed from the image used in the foreground of the card (they took down the orange fence, too), but i still know that pee wee, a 'champion base ball fielder' is turning two.

jared added a couple of pee wee's teammates to the kimball champion party - here's sandy koufax's 2011 topps kimball champions mini insert
and jackie's 2011 topps kimball champions mini insert
as well.  thanks again, jared!

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