28 January 2015

some cards are no longer nefarious

i've had my nefarious 9 - the list of my most wanted cards - up there on the right side of this blog since july of 2009.  sometimes, the cards listed are fairly obscure, and sometimes they are just a wayward base card that has eluded me for some reason.  sometimes i wait, and sometimes i pull the trigger quickly to acquire one (or more) of the cards.  these days, i wonder how many people actually look at this blog via the web version, as the list doesn't show up on the mobile version as i currently have it configured.

anyway, the list today consists of the following:

1 - 2007 upper deck sweet spot classic steve garvey/reggie smith dual auto
2 - 2008 donruss threads steve garvey #/250 
3 - 2011 topps chrome clayton kershaw atomic refractor parallel #107 
4 - 2011 topps chrome chad billingsley atomic refractor parallel #167 
5 - 2014 topps update justin turner black parallel
6 - 2014 topps update justin turner camo parallel 
7 - 2014 topps update justin turner pink parallel
8 - 2014 topps alex guerrero target red border 
9 - 2014 topps chrome alex guerrero xfractor

this is a relatively new version of the list, except for number 1, which has been sitting there for quite some time.  that means that there have been some formerly nefarious acquisitions, some of which i will show here this morning.

it took me about two years, but i did finally pick up the fourth jackie robinson card (here are the other three) from 2004 upper deck sweet spot classics
this one celebrates his first minor league game.  he hit a home run that day (and was 4 for 5 overall), and was greeted at home plate by george shuba.

here's a 2014 topps archives duke snider card
that was on the most wanted list for a couple of weeks last year.  i appreciate the use of the 1980 design, as that's the year that duke was inducted into the hall of fame.

the next three cards were on the list for an even shorter time.  somehow, i missed a 2014 topps update paul maholm card

when putting together the team set on sportlots.  omission reversed.

i also wound up finding duplicates of a couple of parallels of justin turner's card from last year's update - the target red parallel
and the walmart blue version
i had put both on the nefarious 9 as i wanted doubles for the double play binder.  you'll note that there are still a couple of parallels of that card on the list.

another card on the list is steve garvey's 2008 donruss threads parallel numbered to 250.  i thought that i had one already and was missing the version numbered to 100 when i purchased this
turns out i already had the /100 version, so i still need the /250 one.

as always, any help is appreciated and rewarded.  please help a blogger out - i need to make room on that list for some 2015 cards!

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