04 August 2011

we are all superstars

a while back i got an email from johngy, saying he had found some oddball dodger cards to send.  heck yeah!  they arrived soon after, and now are on display for your enjoyment.  or not.  they were 2 intact panels of the 1976 linnett superstars comprising the full dodger team set.  i previously owned just the steve garvey "card", so it is nice to see all the other members of the big blue wrecking crew.  let's have a look.
how cool is it to see ted sizemore get some oddball love?  i also dig the hairstyles.  don sutton is almost bieber before there was bieber.  or is it beiber?  mike marshall with an almost comb-over.  and lots of 'staches.

here's the second panel
nice for all the infielders to be together like that.  bill russell's eyelashes give him a leif garrett/teen idol quality that could have landed him in tiger beat back in the day.  also, i did not realize rau was so bald.

the backs are pretty puzzling.  i guess if you didn't like baseball, perhaps the information on boats and cars would lure you in to making a purchase.

thanks johngy!


night owl said...

Wow. Those are cool ... and weird.

MattR said...

Very strange to see Sutton without his perm

Nathan said...

very cool, love the drawings

Johngy said...

Glad they found a happy home!