23 August 2011

do the math

over at oh my o-pee-chee today i'm featuring the curious variation that is the 1977 o-pee-chee joe rudi card.  please stop by and say hello.  also take a look at the back of the card, and more specifically, the cartoon
steve kemp (no doubt shown here in his dr. bruce banner mode - you know what i am saying, right?) is doing some math at a usc chalkboard.  or maybe a whiteboard if those were around in the 1970's but that doesn't matter.  let's do some math to find out how kemp calculated his senior year batting average of .435.

he obviously did not just divide his hits by his number of at bats; that would be too easy.  so, let's work backwards.  0.435 divided by 0.06 is 7.25.  subtract 7 from that and we get 0.25.  multiply by 276 and we get the number kemp started his calculation with.  69.

good night now.

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