27 August 2011

nefariously upgraded!

it's been a long wait for bill travers.  he has sat on my nefarious 9 list as the 'bonus non-dodger card' for months.  he was there because, even though my 1977 topps set is not really very condition sensitive, the travers card i owned (which was pulled from the very first pack of baseball cards i ever opened) looked like this
a while back, someone said they were going to send me a copy, but alas, it was never received.  then, in a moment of weakness, i started buying 2011 topps and had a knack for pulling diamond giveaway cards.  a 1992 brian harvey all-star and a 2006 billy wagner wound up getting me this
sweet, sweet upgrade.  i will post another time about the other diamond giveaway goodies i redeemed. 

as for the rest of the nefarious 9, i have picked up a few other longtime residents, such as the 1991 o-pee-chee jose gonzalez
which is really bill bean, and a couple others courtesy of some recent trades (which i will post later as well).  so, the list is re-populated over on the right.  it's getting heavy with oddballs as i have decided to complete the dodgers' 1970 decade.  let me know if you can help!  you will be rewarded!

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