15 August 2011

600 non-dodger home runs for jim thome

congrats to jim thome who joined the exclusive 600 home run club tonight with not one, but two bombs in detroit.  this awesome (and perfect and immediately one of my favorites) card from 2011 topps seems appropriate
even though it's from a game at target field and is from a game against the white sox in which thome hit a walk-off homer.  he was still greeted by a crowd in detroit after 600 (which landed in the bullpen, so there was no drama about getting the ball back).

that means that as of now, thome has 36 homers as a twin to go along with 334 as an indian, 134 as a white sock (?), 96 as a phillie and exactly 0 as a dodger.  at least he has a few cards to remember his short stint in la by, like this 2009 upper deck signature stars card
a local fan shop had a private signing with the future hall of famer a couple months ago, and i figured i would get a card and my son's yearbook signed.  until i saw the price - over $100.  i still got the yearbook signed, but nothing else.  thome is also commanding a high price on baseball reference.  you can sponsor his site for $830.  there should be a fair amount of traffic the next few days, but still.

ron cey is looking like a steal at $65... 


MrMopar said...

I checked Pujols. A mere $1795 gets you his page! If Cey is at $65, do you mind sharing what Garvey costs?

gcrl said...

curt i don't recall exactly, but it was less than $65. could be because i was renewing, not a new sponsor. or they may have raised their rates inthe last few months.