02 August 2011

i was wondering, how often do the dodgers trade within the division?

neither of the two deals the dodgers made at the non-waiver trading deadline (three if you count the juan rivera deal) involved teams within the nl west.  i know that deals with the giants are pretty rare, but decided to see about the other teams in the division.  just how often have ned, depo, the sherriff, dan evans, fred claire, and al wheeled and dealed with their nl west counterparts?

the dodgers have made 5 trades with the arizona diamondbacks, the most recent being the one that brought jon garland to la (the first time) in 2009.  other deals have included jettisoning shawn green, picking up elmer dessens (also the first time), and getting steve finley for, amongst others, koyie hill.
(who signed and returned his 2002 topps traded card for me a couple of years ago from chicago where he was playing for the cubs).

there have also been 5 trades between the dodgers and the rockies.  the last one, from a year ago, brought octavio dotel to la for his short stint. 
other notable deals included tom goodwin for todd hollandsworth, eric young (returning to la), and jody reed bringing his contract savvy-ness to la in 1992.

with the padres, the dodgers have made only 3 trades.  the first, in 1969, netted al mcbean for a couple of players, and the second brought manly-monikered jim bruske north to la. 
the latest deal between the two teams, made in 2008, saw greg maddux rejoin the dodgers after a brief exile in san diego.

the dodgers and giants have made a couple of dozen deals, but only 3 since the teams moved out west.  the dodgers acquired tom haller from the no-cals in 1968 for ron hunt and nate oliver, and then traded candy maldonado for alex trevino in 1985.  the last deal between the two teams was in 2007 when the dodgers got mark sweeney
for travis denker.  i think denker came back to the dodgers last year as a free agent.

the d-backs and rockies haven't been around too long, and the giants are the hated rivals, but i was surprised at how few trades have been made between the dodgers and the pads.  heck, the dodgers have traded 8 times with the 'cross-town' angels. not that i care too much, i can't even name more than one or two padres players these days.

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PunkRockPaint said...

There's a reason your Dodgers don't trade much with my Padres (insert joke here.)

At least both our teams suck this year...

Maybe next year we can battle eachother for the division title...

Or maybe not.