12 August 2011

filling in the garvey cey and lopes gaps - the 1973 topps cards that should have been

in my effort to 'fill in the gaps' with some steve garvey, ron cey, bill russell, and/or davey lopes cards that should have been, i sometimes push the boundaries a bit.  there really was no reason for topps to give steve garvey an 'in action' card in 1972, let alone cards for davey lopes at all.  still, i persevere.  and, in 1973, topps included all four of the infielders in their set for the first time.  veterans garvey and russell got their own cards as they had since they first joined the topps checklist, and cey and lopes were relegated to multi-player rookie cards.

none of them were all-stars or league leaders or otherwise featured in the 1973 set, and none of the four were considered to be 'stars' at that time. still, i went for it and created this steve garvey 'boyhood photos of the stars' card that should have been.
the main photo comes from garvey's recent book (which i have not read nor do i own) titled 'my batboy days'.  garvey, of course, served as a batboy for the dodgers during spring training some years in his youth, and, well, i'll let the card back tell the story:
the inset photo was from a topps vault item a couple months back, and is right for the period, so that's nice.

i figured topps could have made a ron cey solo card as well in 1973
and i gave ron a collegiate cartoon
lopes also gets his own card, which i think would have fit in nicely with the 1973 set
it would have to be a late series card since dan driessen didn't debut for the reds until 1973.  here's the lopes back
sadly, i can't think of any cards topps missed of the foursome until we get to 1982.  unless...

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steelehere said...

Great Job as usual.

How about a Steve Garvey '75 Topps Record Breaker card for getting written into the '74 All-Star Game as a starter.