14 August 2011

eyes right, dick egan!

a couple of years ago, i rescued this 1963 topps gaylord perry non-rookie card from a vintage bargain bin.
i forgot he had a 1962 card, and thought i was getting a great deal on a hall of famer's rookie card, even if he was a giant.  oh well. there is some redeeming value, however, as i noticed something recently that makes me like the card a bit more.  it features dick egan, a reliever who eventually found his way to the dodgers.

egan pitched sparingly for the tigers in 1963 and 1964, and then was traded to the cardinals in january of 1965. a few months later, the reds purchased his contract, but he didn't make it back to the big leagues until 1966 when he was with the angels.  they traded him to the dodgers in may of '66 after egan had made 4 appearances for the halos, but he didn't crack the dodgers' big league roster until 1967.  that's also the year that topps issued his final card, on which they featured him with one of those non-descript, hatless photos but affiliated him with the dodgers.
it took me a while to obtain this card because it's a high number of sorts - number 539 to be exact.  it's not usually found in vintage bargain bins, but i think i picked it up for around $4.

notice how egan is looking to his right on both the 1963 and 1967 cards.  then take a look at his other cards.  he seems consistently distracted to his right.  then again, he was a lefty, so maybe that's just his 'in the stretch, looking in for a sign' pose.

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Cliff said...

I really like Egan's eyebrows on this one. I make fun of his - and some other guys' too - on this post: