20 August 2011

they came from indianaland

i am really far behind on trade posts, and trades in general.  if i owe you cards, or, if by chance you owe me cards, please leave a comment.  if you would like to trade, please leave a comment.  or send an email.  i have some stacks set aside for a few of you that i will get mailed out before too long.

on to a trade from may.  this one came from darren at indianaland.

we'll start with a 1990 topps tim crews card
the dodgers acquired crews from the brewers in the 1986 greg brock deal.  he pitched effectively out of the bullpen for 5 seasons as a dodger before the wheels kind of fell off in 1992.  crews pitched well in 1988, but was somewhat famously left off of the postseason roster.  1990 was arguably his best year, as he set career highs in games and innings pitched and his era was a tidy 2.77.  he even made 2 starts.  however, what we remember tim crews for mostly is how he died - in a boating accident during spring training in 1993 that also claimed the life of steve olin and injured bobby ojeda.  the dodgers wore a patch with crews' number on it for the 1993 season.
on a lighter note, here's a 1991 bowman domingo mota card
i'm not sure what the 'mvp' foil is all about, but mota had peaked by the time this card was issued.  he had a fantastic 1990 season in rookie ball, hitting .343.  a year later, after a decent 1991 season in a ball, the dodgers traded mota to the royals with chris gwynn for todd benzinger.  he never did make it to the big leagues.

2000 upper deck fp santangelo
santangelo and the umpire in the background are going their separate ways.  the dodgers signed santangelo as a free agent for the 2000 season.  he played in 81 games and hit a buck-ninetyseven.  he did hit a home run for the dodgers, a pinch-hit job against the marlins in a 7-3 loss.

1994 topps todd worrell
worrell was arguably the dodgers' first full-time closer since mike marshall and certainly their first 'modern' closer.  he was the first dodger to record 30 saves in a season, as well as the first to reach 40 in a single year.  his 44 saves from that year stood as the franchise record until eric gagne saved 52 games in 2002.  worrell also passed the dodgers's franchise saves leader (jim brewer) in 1997 (his final big league season), but he has since been surpassed by jeff shaw and gagne.  not sure that jonathan broxton will ever get close, however.  surprisingly, worrell's 127 saves as a dodger are only 2 fewer than he had for saint louis, although i would suspect most people (myself included) would think of worrell primarily as a cardinal.

here's a 1991 line drive kevin kennedy minor league card
kennedy had finished his playing career with the dukes in 1983, and became their manager in 1989.  he had managed in the lower minors for the dodgers starting in 1984 and had worked his way up to become relevant in the 'who will replace tommy' discussions.  1991 was kennedy's last season as the dukes manager as he left to take over the texas rangers and then the boston red sox.  he led boston to the postseason in 1995 where they were swept by the indians in the alds.  after the 1996 season, kennedy became a talking head, although his name might still pop up from time to time during managerial searches.

lastly, a 2009 upper deck o-pee-chee black bordered travis hafner
i am still half-heartedly trying to complete this set, and darren sent me a couple of needed cards including pronk.  even though it's not the right kind of opc, any help is appreciated.

thanks for the cards darren - hopefully we can trade again sometime.

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MrMopar said...

Your scan of Crews got me doing some digging on the crash. I knew about it, but never really looked any deeper into it for details. Tragic case, but an interesting story, what there is of it.