23 May 2011

what is awesome, hilarious, and perhaps a wee bit out of order?

my 2011 topps heritage dodger team card, signed by none other than the commissioner of baseball, bud selig.
shortly after bud announced he was going to delve into the financial dealings of the dodgers, i sent this card off to mlb headquarters in new york.  knowing that bud is an excellent ttm signer, i assumed i would get back an 8x10 or perhaps an autographed business card, a la bob watson a couple of years ago.  or, perhaps i would get nothing except a note chastising me for asking him to sign such a thing.  no, mr. selig signed and returned my card in about 4 weeks' time. 

while the commish has not siezed the dodgers from mccourt, nor predetermined the outcome of his investigation, nor officially denied the tv deal mccourt supposedly has in place with fox (3 years before the current agreement ends), he has laid claim to this piece of cardboard.  for that, and for what i hope comes out of his investigation, i am thankful.

on top of the success i had with the dodgers' owner of my youth (more specifically, the team president of my youth who went on to be the owner after his father died in 1979) i am pretty happy about this.  for the record, i once sent a card to frank mccourt to sign, back in the days when i was blind with manny fever and a return to the nlcs. i'm still waiting. 

thanks bud!

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