22 May 2011

philadelphia phillie perphection on cardboard

a year before he would be shown on a topps card as a dodger, european import elmer valo was featured on this fantastically awesome 1957 card.
it's one of my favorites from that set.  if i were to collect a set from the 1950's, it would be 1957 hands down.  i have only recently, within the last few years, grown to appreciate the photography, colors, and simplicity of the set.

in valo's case, we get a sense of his size as he selects his weapon, along with what was likely a state of the art camera in the background and a lurking civilian.  the colors are great, making this card scream 1950's.  the only way it might have been better is if he was shown as a dodger.

here's to you, 1957 topps elmer valo!  i think you're perfect!

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