18 May 2011

2 of 4, out of 5

more math?  no, i'm just pointing out that i have been enhancing my 2004 upper deck legends timeless team collection lately.  i picked up this bill russell gold auto
numbered 2 out of 5
and this davey lopes gold auto
numbered 5 out of 5
recently.  ud biffed on the photo for lopes, though.  that's not a 1974 look for davey.  in other upper deck laziness observations, the dodger stadium scene on the card backs was recycled a couple of years ago in their piece of history release.  someday i'll prove it with a scan.

still looking for ron cey and steve garvey gold autos...


Nathan said...

Nice pickups, this set fell during the years that I was away from the hobby, but it definitely seems like one that would be a blast to collect

Ernest said...

easily one of the nicest sets around... i love the photos... and the auto'd cards are even better... thanks for sharing these... i didn't even know there were gold autographs in the set... my favorite cards in the set are the ones that use black & white photography