07 May 2011

a streak of 30 ends and now i suffer

andre ethier's hitting streak came to an end today.  30 games.  not 30 consecutive games, but 30 straight in which he played.  i am one of those people who thinks there is a difference.  still, i celebrated each game with andre, 
not just because i wanted him to do well, but because it helped distract me from the mess that the business side of the club is in.  now, with the streak over, the losses piling up, their 'closer' injured, loney slumping, the team losing, and knowing that their two best catchers are playing in cleveland and new york, i have little to be optimistic about.  unless bud kicks mccourt to the curb.  is that what i am reduced to now?  not cheering for a win, but for a coup de tat?  yes.  and i'm not alone.

thanks for providing something to cheer about, andre.  any chance you can do it again?

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dodgerbobble said...

Right there with you buddy.