15 May 2011

request fulfilled! a 1966 topps card that should have been...

i was under the impression that blogger was going to reinstate the posts they deleted.  buggers. 

here's a 1966 topps card that should have been, according to devon of the 1982 topps blog.  he responded to my new year's day post and requested a card featuring hall of famers don sutton, don drysdale, and sandy koufax from the only year they all pitched for the dodgers, 1966.
i used the team card as the base, so that's where the yellow background comes from. then i realized that the combo cards didn't feature the monocolor backgrounds and i added some scattered clouds.
in 1966, with these three guys in the starting rotation, the dodgers went back to the world series to defend their crown.  koufax won the pitching triple crown with a 27-9 record, 1.73 era and 317 strikeouts in his final major league season.  drysdale went 13-16, 3.42, and 177 k's.  sutton, in his rookie year, went 12-12 with a 2.99 era and 209 strikeouts.  combined, these three accounted for all but 46 starts and 43 wins.  claude osteen was really the second best pitcher on the staff, as he was 17-14 with a 2.85 era.  he also made 38 starts (joe moeller had the other 8).

unfortunately, the dodgers ran into a slightly better pitching team in the baltimore orioles during the fall classic. while dodger pitchers gave up 13 runs in 4 games, the orioles used only 4 pitchers and gave up just two runs in the four game series.

here's to you, future hall of famers and your 1966 card that should have been.

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