11 May 2011

topps' dirty balls

i'm finally getting around to showing off my 2011 topps dodger short prints.  predictably, topps used roy campanella
 and jackie robinson
as the dodgers' representatives in series one.  no pee wee this time, but there's always series two and the update series as well. 

i know night owl did a post not too long ago about wanting to see other dodgers in sets.  i agree.  don newcombe, don drysdale, sandy koufax, maury wills, steve garvey, fernando, orel hershiser, kirk gibson - heck, even don sutton would be a welcome change of pace.

i do appreciate topps going with the dirty balls on these vintage player short prints - it's a nice touch.  i'd just rather see someone else's face once in a while.


moremonkeys138 said...

Don Newcombe would be awesome. I am going to guess that we may see Koufax, now that Topps has featured him in Gypsy Queen.

- dw said...

Newcombe, Drysdale, Koufax and Hershiser definitely would be great!
I'm a Reds fan but I'd chase those cards.