08 May 2011

this is the only mother's cookies card i have scanned as mother's day rolls in

shame on me for not being prepared for mother's day with an overload of mother's cookies card in what is perhaps the most obvious type of post for a baseball card blog to feature on the second sunday in may. i am nothing if not obvious, so let's go with it anyway.

it's a 1996 mother's cookies dodgers card, signed by former dodger shortstop greg gagne
i've had good success with gagne and ttm, and i hit him up one more time because he has a bunch of nice double play turns on his cards.  and he was a dodger.  here's his 1998 topps card  
featuring a photo from sandy eggo.  upper deck's 1998 card for gagne also featured a shot from jack murphy stadium, but it was much better

here's his 1992 topps card
featuring a sweet double play turn from the reigning world champion

his 1994 upper deck card
also has a nice double play shot, but he was nowhere near a reigning world champion when this picture was taken of him playing short for the lowly royals.

thanks for signing (again) greg, your mother raised you right. happy mother's day to all the mothers out there.

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