10 February 2011

request fulfilled - a 1989 topps mario soto card that should have been!

back when i featured the 1989 score mario soto card, i gave false hope to jason at the writer's journey that another card of the reds' ace as a dodger existed.  alas, soto is not included in the 1990 target dodger set, as he did not appear in a big league game as member of the big blue wrecking crew.  then, on my recent post calling for requests, jason asked for a dodger soto card using a different photo than the one score used.

well, i took a shot and came up with this - the 1989 topps mario soto card that should have been:
the dodgers signed soto right after the reds released him in june of 1988 because of worries about fernando and don sutton.  soto never was able to get back on track, although the dodgers signed him for 1989 just in case.  luckily, tim belcher and tim leary pitched so well in '88 to compensate for the loss of 'nando and sutton's release without needing another retread like soto.

hope you enjoy this mario soto card that should have been jason!


cubsfan731 said...

He purple

Anonymous said...

Even though he is purple, you did better than Topps' airbrushers in the '80s. Thanks! :)