20 February 2011

if i had some padrographs for you...

something to remind me.  i wouldn't spend my life just wishing..

ah, good ol' flock of seagulls.

i don't have any padrographs for you, or for rod from padrographs abner to zimmer either for that matter.  what i do have are some padres cards and oregonians to send him after he sent me a package of dodgers cards.

i will now admit that trying to tie a flock of seagulls, baseball cards and a collector in oregon all together was probably a bad idea.  here are some of the cards i received.

1982 donruss mike scioscia
a nice way to start - dodger stadium, the angels' manager, and coach danny ozark lurking in the background.

speaking of lurkers, here's a 1994 pinnacle jim gott card
with the strongest man in socal, italian-american superstar slugger mike piazza sharing space with gott.

there was also a 1994 upper deck jim gott
again with a lurker of some sort.  my guess is that this is from the annual hollywood stars game and that's some sort of "celebrity" that would show up at those events like rodger lodge or corbin bernsen.  it kinda looks like christian slater, but i don't know that he was on that circuit back then.

another jim gott, this one a 1992 pinnacle
nice that they identify him as a 'relief pitcher'.  i didn't know.  cool how the photo is framed so that the ball is tucked nicely inside the upper corner of the card.

kind of like this 1984 fleer steve sax card that rod sent
or this 1990 score card of alejandro pena
pena also gets labeled as a 'rp'.  maybe this happened more often than i realized in the 90's.

here's another 1990 score card, this one of mike huff
huff is making his first appearance on the blog.  born in honolulu, he is at least the 4th hawaiian to have played for the dodgers (charlie hough, sid fernandez, and carlso diaz being the others i can think of off the top of my head).  huff played in a total of 12 games for the dodgers - all in august of 1990.  in his first major league at bat, he pinch hit for mike scioscia and singled off of tom glavine.  just over a week later, he hit his first big league home run, a solo shot off of future dodger dennis cook.  huff was claimed in the 1990 rule v draft by the indians, and he spent the rest of his career in the american league.  but we'll always have this 1990 score card to remember him by.
finally, i'll show this 2010 topps allen & ginter jonathan broxton 'this day in history' insert
it looks like broxton wants a paper, but the newsie is not paying any attention to him.

thanks for the cards rod, i'll get a package to you soon!


Johngy said...

Funny, my first thought was Slater. I know he did play in those games and will be featured on my site in a future Celeb Jersey Card post.

steelehere said...

Roger Lodge and Corbin Bernstein are probably the reason the Dodgers discontinued the annual Hollywood Stars game.

Nathan said...

It actually looks like Broxton is going stone against that kids paper...big mistake Jonathan!

(what? caption contest is in the other thread?!)