07 February 2011

and now for something completely similar

when i first stumbled upon the loose 1976 greyhound heroes on the basepaths davey lopes portrait card, i was pretty excited.  then, i found the complete booklet which was nice.  i recently found the complete 1975 booklet and am completely underwhelmed.  here is a scan of the lopes portrait from the 1975 issue:
and here's the sliding panel:
they are the same as the 1976 layout and images, except for the light blue color (1976 used a sort of burgundy).  here's the front of the pamphlet
still pretty much the same.

at least the players who finished one-two were different in 1975 (in the american league, anyway).  we have mick the quick who led the league with 70 in 1975 as an angel, but had been traded to the yankees by the time this was published, and claudell washington of the a's.
still davey and lil' joe on the nl side, just like in the 1976 issue.  one thing i didn't point out when i wrote about the 1976 release, that's joe morgan sliding on the panel below the american league players.  i guess they couldn't find a photo of rivers sliding.  what's really strange is that they changed morgan's jersey number from '8' to '3'.  rivers wore number 3 for the angels as a rookie, but was number 17 in 1975.  strange days, indeed - most peculiar, mama.  here's the backs:
so, i suppose the reason that there is no 1977 greyhound heroes on the basepaths booklet is that they couldn't recycle any of the photos.  the american league leaders in 1977 were freddie patek and mitchell page, and in the national league it was frank taveras and cesar cedeno at the top of the stolen base leaderboard.  that's ok, at least i'm not missing out on a davey lopes card that should have been!

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