06 February 2011

it's a worthless future dodger convention on this 'play at the plate' card

or, at least that's what i thought when i first glanced at this 1998 upper deck todd hundley card with a guest appearance by luis gonzalez.
at a second glance, it's not a worthless future dodger convention.  hundley actually had a productive 2000 season for the dodgers with an ops of .954 (even though he was bad behind the plate), and that's not luis gonzalez - it's geremi gonzalez.  luis left the cubs after the 1996 season.  so, with all of that information, plus the horizontal orientation and decent photo, it's not a half bad card at all.

luis was still a worthless dodger, though.

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Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

That looks like a pretty stiff slide!