05 February 2011

a sandy through the mail success! but not that sandy...

last season i sent a 2006 upper deck card to sandy alomar jr, former dodger catcher (he lost his job to russell martin) and current indians first base coach.  i am pretty sure the '06 ud card is the only card to feature alomar as a dodger, so thank you richard p. mcwilliams.  anyway, this is what alomar sent back
sandy's first name is 'santos' just like his dad (he's a 'junior' for a reason).  if i tilt my head and squint, i can kind of see 'santos' or maybe 'sandee', but not 'sandy'.  btw, it's nice of eric gagne to lean forward and make an appearance as a background lurker.

thanks sandy. or santos.  it's much appreciated.

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