27 February 2011

charlie babb, superba

charlie babb is one of those rare players who was traded from the giants to the dodgers.  to be more specific, he was traded from the new york giants to the brooklyn superbas, as they were known in 1903. in return, the dodgers sent bill dahlen to the giants.  babb played two years for the brooklyn team, so he was included in the 1990 target dodgers set.
i belive the haircut he is sporting was the 'beiber'-do of its time.  anyway, babb was the giants' shortstop in 1903 and he took over for dahlen in that role for the superbas in 1904.  dahlen, meanwhile, took over at short for the giants and led the league in rbi with 80. i suppose babb was comforted by the fact that, while the giants won the national league in 1904, there was no world series thanks to john mcgraw's stubborness or ego or whatever you want to call it.  in 1905, however, babb's old team did consent to a world series appearance and beat the philadelphia a's in 5 games.

babb played for the superbas again in 1905, although in a lesser role, and then spent the rest of his career in the minor leagues playing and managing.   

here's to you, charlie babb!

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