24 February 2011

why did i scan this card?

it's not shiny, so that's out.  it's a 2000 bowman bubba crosby card, and it has been in my scanned folder since march of 2009 (it's not alone in that regard).
let's make a list of possible reasons.  one of them is bound to be correct.  so, i scanned this card because...
  1. i received it in a trade and was preparing a trade post, but it didn't make the final cut
  2. it is a fine example of 2000 bowman
  3. it is the first (and likely only) bubba crosby card to be featured on the blog
  4. it was for an extensive robin ventura post that never (and may never) materialized (crosby was traded with scott proctor to the yankees for ventura)
  5. crosby was the dodgers' 1st round pick in the 1998 draft and i had planned to someday do a post on their first rounders
  6. i mistook him for todd hollandsworth, a personal favorite
  7. he somehow failed to get much playing time even though he was with the big club during jim tracy's reign, but then i realized he was gone before tracy started playing the likes of jason grabowski
  8. he got a hit (and an rbi) in his first big league at bat - a pinch hit single against the rockies' todd jones on may 29, 2003. [tangent alert!  now, granted this was a 'getaway' day game, but tracy's starting lineup included alex cora batting leadoff, adrian beltre batting second, mike kinkade (!) in left, jolbert cabrera in center, and david ross behind the plate.  jason romano even made an appearance in the game.  yikes.]
  9. he made his only start as a dodger the next day and went 0 for 4 with 2 k's
  10. he wore the knuckler's number - 49 - during his 12 game tenure with the dodgers
  11. he was with the yankees in 2004, 2005 and 2006 and so didn't win a ring
  12. exactly 25% of his career home runs were of the walk-off variety
  13. he hit a home run in his first at bat as a yankee, and then
  14. he hit a home run in his third at bat as a yankee which is about when a bunch of dodgers fans started getting really nervous
  15. he collided with gary sheffield in the outfield during game 5 of the 2005 alds against the angels, allowing the angels to take the lead in the deciding game and i was going to do a post about all of the voodoo dolls sheffield must have at home of different players and executives who have slighted him during his career
  16. he is nicknamed bubba
  17. he was at one time a dodger, and that should be celebrated
i sure wish i could remember which one of these is correct...

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