26 February 2011

for sparta! from thoughts and sox!

adam at thoughts and sox recently sent me a surprise envelope with a handful of cards.  i was going to save this one for st. patricks day, but oh well.  it's a 2008 donruss threads steve garvey college greats card.
garvey was indeed a college great for michigan state.  he played both baseball and football, earning all-american status in baseball prior to being drafted by the dodgers in 1968.  he was inducted into the spartans hall of fame last fall.  you can read all about it here.

also included was garvey's base card from that set, of which i have scanned the back
always nice to see his name in the company of gehrig.  any chance that his 1974 numbers even sniff the mvp award these days.  the answer is no.

there were some other cards from the threads set, including this duke snider
which is one of the more flagrant copyright infringers i have seen from the set.  duke's facial appearance here reminds me of tubby tompkins.  that's right - i referenced little lulu.  wanna fight about it?

carl erskine's card was also included in the package
 along with a couple of 2008 upper deck spx cards.  this one is of andruw jones
and it scans up right shiny.  let's take a moment to remember that jones ops'd .505 for the dodgers in 2008.  he's rebounded some the past two years for the white sox and rangers, but here's hoping he reverts to dodger form for the yankees in 2011, and that joe girardi is dumb enough to keep playing him like joe torre was.

adam, thanks for the cards.  i'll try and get some bosox off to you soon.

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