09 October 2009

voice of the collector speaks in 2009 topps

quite a while ago, i received a few 2009 topps that i needed for my set. for some reason, rob is collecting those upper deck 20th anniversary thingys, and i sent him a few. here's what he sent in return.

clayton kershaw.6.2 innings tonight against the cardinals, and he allowed just 2 runs. i think little k is on his way.

jose lopez. a double play turn, with former dodger mark grudzielanek sliding in.

ron washington.
a former dodger in his own right. this is obviously a photo from a 2008 game wherein washington had to remind milton bradley that there was only one out.

joey votto.
bunting his way onto the topps rookie cup team.

an anonymous marlin.
no foil on this card, so he remains nameless.

ryan howard.
even the beer vendor stops to watch him hit.

thanks to rob and others, my 2009 set is complete. just in time for the update set.

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