27 October 2009

another team collector dilemma, 1983 topps super veteran style

so far, i have shared my thinking about some topps cards that i have, in the past, waffled about as far as whether they should be included in my topps (flagship and traded) dodgers team set (from 1970 on) binder. first, there was the 1975 world series cards (out), and then the 1972 tom haller in action card (in). next up, we have this 1983 topps super veteran don sutton card. i will admit that it has never been part of the binder and not once in 26 years have i given it a second thought. back when i was opening these packs, sutton was a brewer - plain and simple. the dodger photo was in black and white, and every team set checklist resource (then and now) will include this card as a brewers, not a dodgers, card.

today, i say no more. i am proudly adding this to my 1983 topps dodgers team set. i figure it's no different from a 'turn back the clock' card, or a 'then and now', or a 'big league brothers', or a 'who would have thought' like they had in the 2002 topps traded set. the garvey from that set is part of my dodgers topps binder, so why not this sutton card? i can think of no reason.

welcome to the binder, super veteran don sutton!

how about you other team collectors - do you include these cards with your team, even if it's not the current team shown on the card?


Jim said...

The '83 Topps Super Veteran card of Fergie Jenkins is included with my Phillies team set, for the same reason you've now included the Sutton card.

White Sox Cards said...

The only cards I don't put in the team binder would be the ones that show a White Sox player sneaking into the card of another player.

night owl said...

Never considered this a Dodger card, but, rats, now I have to go out and find another '83 Super Veteran Sutton card!

Captain Canuck said...

I do. and with the more recent sets (over the last 3-4 years) I've added cards from the base set of players that were traded to the Braves.
eg: last season, Vasquez, McClouth, LaRoche...
I figure why not? they played the whole year with the team, they should be included.

btw, do you have an address for Don Sutton to do a TTM?

madding said...

If the card has anything to do with the Cardinals, it goes in. If it has the logo or the player in the uniform (airbrushed, photoshopped or real) or any combination of the two, then I count it.

Oh, except for what White Sox Cards says. I don't really do that.