31 October 2009

let's turn two!

this has nothing to do with halloween, but here are a bunch of double play turns!

2000 upper deck miguel tejada (nomar sliding in!)
1998 upper deck tony womack (x3) and only one sammy sosa
1998 upper deck chris gomez with an appearance by a jack murphy outfield palm tree
1997 topps craig biggio forcing out barry bonds
1994 upper deck collector's choice robby thompson in a pcl throwback jersey
1994 upper deck collector's choice chris gomez and the 1988 al mvp (runner up) mike greenwell
1993 topps craig biggio in wrigley
1992 upper deck lance blankenship at home in oakland
1992 topps stadium club monty fariss in what has to be one of the least interesting double play cards i have seen
1992 topps bill doran with dodger lenny harris sliding in way too late
1992 topps jeff blauser - he's at wrigley, too!
1991 leaf tim teufel with an appearance by the expos and their awesome helmets!1990 upper deck domingo ramos with vince coleman and dormant ivy at wrigleyand last, but not least, 1990 upper deck jim gantner with brian downing doing a steamroller into second.

nothing quite like a good ol' 6-4-3!

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