14 October 2009

deja vu, i'll never forget you

i much prefer the 2009 topps turkey red inserts to the stand alone turkey red issues from previous years. having said that, i am a bit perplexed about the 2009 matt kemp card. it's a nice, clean image, but where is his number 27? he hasn't worn 65 since 2005 or so. oh. that's right. it's just the same player image topps used on his 2006 turkey red card.
at least they changed the background and removed the rookie logo. thanks for the effort, topps.

by the way - i know a little german...and he's sitting right over there! (top secret is a fantastic movie)

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Collective Troll said...

Gotta love top secret!!! It is amazing how badly card companies can drop the ball on images. As a card photographer (never used by Topps, but I keep trying!) I can almost guarantee that they had thousands of images of him submitted that year, but they still went with a three year old shot of an MVP candidate. Stoopid Topps! Upper Deck (who I have worked for) is just as bad. Some of the pics from this years OPC (which I know you collected) were very old. The Jeff Niemann pic is a shot from spring training in 2006. Come on.