20 October 2009

reader mail - o-pee-chee style!

reader tony sent me some fantastic dodger o-pee-chee cards recently.

we'll start with a 1972 willie davis. hard to tell that it's not a topps card, although it is a different card stock. i should have scanned the backs. oh well. looks like willie's eyes are closed. i never noticed that before.

1977 steve garvey not a variation, per se, but it does lack the 'nl all star' banner at the bottom. it also lacks that annoying scratch or hair that most 1977 topps garveys seem to have on the left side.

1982 pedro guerrero here we get the bilingual-ality of o-pee-chee, plus the logo.

1983 fernando valenzuela
more bilingual-ness and the o-pee-chee moniker. i think this is a picture from candlestick.

1988 dave anderson
the only difference here is the o-pee-chee label in the lower left. did you know dave anderson is the rangers' third base coach? me neither.

1990 willie randolph
o-pee-chee was really lazy in 1990. they didn't even remove the topps text from the fronts of the cards. the cards are shinier though, kind of like topps traded.

1991 o-pee-chee premier eddie murray
here's a non-topps design issue. tommy lasorda lurking in the dugout, along with someone in mid-farmer blow.

1992 orel hershiser
back to using the o-pee-chee label.

just for fun, tony included a 1977 jerry reuss, suitable for a through the mail try.
coincidentally, i received a couple cards from mr. reuss in the mail today (will be featured another time), along with a sticker stating "coming soon, jerryreuss.com!"

thanks tony! glad you enjoyed the 78s i sent your way!

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Tony said...

You're very welcome. I have some of the cards you sent me out in the mail right now.