03 October 2009

something something something first base line, something something something complete

yes, i have completed my 1989 upper deck set. 20 years in the making. actually, not that many as i did not collect cards from 1988 through 1990. i started with about 75% of the set with most of my needs coming from the update set. i had junior, but was missing a few semi-stars as well as commons. let's take a look at a sampling of cards from the set.

since i got some help from scott at hand collated, let's start with a red - eric davis.
a future dodger, just like his boyhood pal, darryl strawberry.
here's a play at the plate with joel skinner (and bob boone)future hall of famer tim rainesthe don mattingly checklist, drawn by vernon wells' dadbo jackson planning to steamroll a catchergary gaetti at oakland coliseumkirby puckett with mark mcgwire lurking. or is he looming?tom henke with fred mcgriff lurking
tom is apparently shaking hands with the queen of england. not a very manly grip.

here's todd burns impersonating the drug lord ernesto escobedo from 'clear and present danger'
a double play turn, courtesy of scott fletcher
nando! at dodger stadium in a shiny blue warmup top and headband
stunt man! he missed out on the twinkies 87 championship but got one of his own the following year.

tim belcher
he could take a lesson in exhalology from bob milacki
who apparently likes to sing while he pitches.

one nice thing about upper deck being a so-cal company is lot's of dodger stadium photos:

gerald young trying to take a dodger home run awayhall of famer ryne sandberg batting
ricky jordan hanging out
andres galarraga throwing a ball
kal daniels taking a leaddarren daulton doing the same
hubie brooks exiting the batter's box
barry bonds looking towards first
and joaquin andujar on the mound
overall it's not a bad set, but probably the only non-topps set i will bother with from that era. i have some doubles, so if you are trying to put it together, or just have specific player or team needs, let me know.

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SpastikMooss said...

Do you have a double of that Henke card? I know it's not a real McGriff card, but he is on it haha.