25 June 2015

archives reminded me of something

i did buy a blaster (value box) of 2015 topps archives at target last week, and used my $5 off coupon correctly in doing so.  i didn't come across any dodgers, but did get a card of former dodger dee gordon
which features the los angeles dodgers bat knob decal, even though he's in marlins gear.  and, let's just say that i am glad that the marlins weren't around in 1976 because the color combo topps went with for their cards in the 1976 design is gross.

seeing dee's card, however, as well as that of daniel murphy
and brian dozier
reminded me that i am collecting the second baseman cards from 1976 topps for my double play collection.  keeping dozier's card in mind, here's another twins card with the same design - 1976 topps jerry terrell
topps kept the double play figures, but changed the wording from the place where one plays, to who one is on the ball field.  not sure why.  brian dozier is a second baseman, while jerry terrell played second base.  both are acceptable as far as i am concerned.

here are some other 1976 topps cards featuring men who played second base according to the set.

tito fuentes
and his teammate hector torres
bruce miller
jack brohamer
rod gilbreath
kurt bevacqua
whom tommy lasorda was not a fan of, and his teammate bob sheldon
sandy alomar
who would be replaced in the bronx by willie randolph

larry lintz
who replaced herb washington as the designated pinch-runner for charlie finley's a's - seriously, he played in 68 games for the a's in 1976, but only spent parts of 5 of those games in the field at second base, with only 3 other games including time at other defensive positions.  he did steal 31 bases, however, and it would have been fantastic for topps to have a pinch-runner position in this set.  alas, they did not.

last, but not least, future dodger teddy martinez
many of these players had multiple positions listed on the backs of their cards, but there could only be one position on the front in 1976.

i haven't gone through my 1976 set to figure out how many more i need for the dp collection, but i know that there are two i don't - joe morgan and rod carew both had the double play wiped out by the all-star star on their cards.  as for 2015 topps archives, i know i need kolten wong (my non-dodger bonus nefarious 9 need), but there may be others.  i could use a little help...


Brian said...

I have a little stack of Archives - I'll check when I get home to see if I have any you can use. I actually just packed up something to send your way (finally), that should go out today assuming I can get to the post office before it closes. If I find any archives (or 76's too, I suppose) for you I'll PWE it.

Brian said...
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