21 June 2015

bo knows how to select double play cards

the recent package from bo featured a large number of double play cards, many of which were new to me.  here are some that i hadn't seen before

1993 score select jay bell
1993 score select mariano duncan
which happens to feature the aforementioned jay bell

1993 score select scott fletcher
whom i either forgot or did not know played for the brewers.

1993 score select mike gallego
1993 score select rene gonzales
1993 score select manny lee
now, i am assuming that he is turning two here, but there's always a chance that he's jumping just for the heck of it.

1993 score select robby thompson
looks like an expo sliding in. i miss the expos.

1993 score select john valentin
1993 score select lou whitaker
sweet lou showed up a couple of other times in the package:

1993 topps stadium club
and 1995 upper deck collector's choice
hello, thrill.

the tigers were pretty well represented in the turning two category in that set with alan trammell
(again, an assumption about turning two, but why else would the shortstop be coming across the bag like that?) and choice chris gomez
here's a padre, luis lopez,
also turning two in the set, and doing so on tatooine.  the back of lopez's card also features a photo from the desert planet
as does the last card of this post, 1996 upper deck chris gomez
and the cosmic ballet goes on.

thanks again for the cards, bo. i will be showing more in the near future, so stay tuned...

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