28 June 2015

more double play knowledge from bo

the double play turns were many in the package i received recently from bo, he of baseball cards come to life.  here are some more that were new to my collection:

1991 topps stadium club tony phillips
bonus appearance by the cobra

1991 leaf scott leius gold bonus
also featuring a brewer, but not dave parker. more like mike felder.

1993 pinnacle craig grebeck
i am assuming here that there is only one reason why grebeck would be airborne, and that is to turn two.

1993 topps stadium club william suero
with paul sorrento doing his best to break things up, but to no avail - suero made the turn and threw sandy alomar out at first on april 26, 1992.

here's the back of suero's card
which is his first topps issued card, because the front shows up on the back.

1993 upper deck jeff frye
not sure how i did not already have this one in the binder.

1994 score gary disarcina
with a hrbek sighting

and 1994 score rey sanchez
featuring a high kick from tom pagnozzi

1994 upper deck doug strange
featuring the double play turn on the front of the card, and 1994 upper deck ozzie guillen
with the turn on the back

1996 donruss pat listach
featuring a brewer turning two rather than trying to break it up

and, finally, two cards featuring the double play turning mainstay, brent gates.  first up is his 1996 topps stadium club card
followed by a 1995 fleer flair card
two has been turned.  thanks again, bo!

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