27 June 2015

one more time - avert your eyes!

you've been warned! here's another 2008 tristar signa cuts card that i've added to my collection
that would be a 2001 fleer greats of the game ron cey card that's been butchered and repackaged and is one of 25 similarly butchered cards of the penguin.  it's not a certified auto from the gotg set, either, as those cards were printed with gold borders.

i don't mind these signa cut cards - i have a few now in my collection - but i prefer ones like this that are cut up cards as opposed to photos.  and, the fact that it's not a certified auto that was chopped up is a good thing.  yes, even i have my limits when it comes to cards like these.

1 comment:

Josh D. said...

I'd recognize Ron Cey's junk anytime, anywhere.