28 June 2015

oh, did you think i was done with double play cards from bo?

well, i wasn't.  here are some more that are new to my collection:

1993 donruss tony fernandez (back)
i'll show the front of this card in yet another post of cards from bo, but on the back, tony the padre is turning two.

here's a 1995 pinnacle john valentin card
featuring a double play on tatooine

1996 pinnacle robby thompson
with just a bit of the lead runner's helmet to confirm the turn

1996 score alex arias
and 1996 score jeff reboulet
are more obvious examples of the pivot

as are 1998 fleer tradition jose offerman
and 1998 topps stadium club gary disarcina
bo even included some minor league dp's.  here's a 1999 just minors brent butler card
plus three 1999 team best baseball america top prospects - ron belliard
chad durham
and brett taft
that is some dedication to a trade package.  thanks again, bo!

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