17 June 2015

turning two in black and blue and other colors, too

here's a quick post to show some double play cards that i picked up last november during a black friday spree.  timely, i know.

2012 topps chrome dee gordon black refractor
and 2012 topps chrome dee gordon blue refractor
blue works better for the dodgers, and so i picked up a couple others as well

2009 topps chrome orlando hudson blue refractor
(hello, juan castro)

and 2011 topps chrome rafael furcal blue refractor
with the position error

i am on record as noting that the best card in 2014 topps update belonged to justin turner, but before he was turning two as a dodger, he made the pivot in the flagship set as a met.  i picked up some of the parallels for my dp collection

2014 topps justin turner gold
2014 topps justin turner red hot foil
2014 topps justin turner toys r us purple
2014 topps justin turner walmart blue
unfortunately, turner wasn't included in the chrome set last year - either as a dodger or a met - so no blue refractor for me.

speaking of blue refractors, i am still trying to piece together the 2007 topps chrome blue refractor dodger team set, and could use some help...

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