06 June 2015

pennys (and other dodgers) from bob walk the plank

brad penny cards are not quite like bad pennies - they don't show up everywhere - but when they do show up in a trade package, i am thankful.  matthew from bob walk the plank recently sent some cards my way, and there were two brad pennys in the package.

2005 leaf century collection brad penny auto
and 2005 upper deck mlb artifacts brad penny relic
penny was a two-time all-star while with the dodgers, winning 16 games in both 2006 and 2007. he is the most recent dodger pitcher to start the all-star game, although that might change this year if greinke gets the nod.

penny was teammates with kaz ishii for a short time in 2004.  then, after just three seasons with the dodgers, ishii was traded to the mets prior to the 2005 season. however, the residue of nomomania meant that there was a glut of ishii cards on the market. matthew sent me a couple

2004 playoff prestige kaz ishii relic
2004 topps clubhouse collection kax ishii relic
for some reason i thought that the ishii relic from clubhouse collection was short printed, but i don't see that assumption validated anywhere.  at any rate, this relic is new to my collection.

matthew sent me my first certified john candelaria as a dodger auto card last time we traded, and now he has sent me my second.

2014 leaf memories 1991 leaf buyback john candelaria auto
and, going for three lefty dodger pitchers in a row, here's a 2005 donruss greats tommy lasorda relic card
donruss ripped off fleer with their greats of the game/dodger blues relic set, but i am not upset by it.  tommy is shown, of course, as the manager of the los angeles dodgers, but donruss also issued a card in this set with the die-cut relic reveal in the shape of the brooklyn 'b' in honor of his (short) stint as a pitcher for the bums.  they used the same photo, however.

the relic set also included burleigh grimes, sandy koufax, duke snider, don sutton, and orel hershiser - matthew sent the bulldog's card
like lasorda, i believe that koufax and snider each have brooklyn and los angeles versions of their cards.

not all of the cards matthew sent were autos or relics. no, there were also serial numbered die-cuts, like this 2003 donruss elite adrian beltre aspirations card
and there was a gold parallel insert - this 1998 donruss studo mike piazza studio proofs gold card
all of the cards were happily accepted and appreciated.  thanks matthew - i will have some cards out to you soon!


Swing And A Pop-up said...

Very cool stuff!

Matthew Scott said...

Glad a few of those are new to your collection. I search Candelaria all the time on eBay so if something cool of his pops up I usually grab it.

Daniel Wilson said...

Wow! That Mike Piazza Gold Studio card is awesome!

Brian said...

Candy Man looks pretty clean cut on that Dodgers card - did LaSorda have a dress code / make guys get haircuts?